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Dr Mark Stibbe graduated from Cambridge University, where he was awarded a senior scholarship and a first in both parts of the English Literature Tripos. He then studied theology at Nottingham University before being awarded a PhD (published by Cambridge University Press under the title John as Storyteller). Since then he has authored numerous non-fiction books, some of them best sellers and one of them an award-winner. Lately he has moved into writing novels, in particular The Chronicles of Thomas Pryce. He is now an experienced and sought after freelance editor, ghost writer and writing coach and is the CEO of Kingdom Writing Solutions, a holistic service for Christian writers. Mark is passionate about helping good writers to become great authors for the Kingdom of God.

Script doctor

Options and Fees For Non-Fiction Titles

Option 1  
Book report and advice re publication options £200

Option 2
Polishing up the style of an entire book £500

Option 3  
Rewriting an entire manuscript £1000

Option 4  

Ghost writing an entire book
(Ghost writing is when we write the book but you get the credit!)
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Options and Fees For Fiction Titles

Option 5  

Eight page content report on your novel
For details click here


Option 6  
Line edit of your entire novel
For details click here

Option 7  
Proof reading a book of 60000 words or under £500

Option 8  
Developing a short, medium and long bio £100

Option 9  
Writing your pitch, letter to publishers and BCC - back cover copy or blurb, including bio £250

Option 10  
Editing your web site text, app text, blog, marketing materials and other texts £25
per hr

The fees in the table above apply to books up to 60,000 words in length
For books longer than 60,000 words, the fees increase by

£10 per 10,000 words for option 1/5
£75 per 10,000 words for option 2/3
£500 per 10,000 words for option 4
£150 per 10,000 words for option 6
£75 per 10,000 words for option 7

Please note you don't have to pay VAT.





Script doctor






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